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The Senate shall discharge its responsibilities mainly through itself and its Standing Committees . Selected discussions(e.g. finance,academics,hostel affairs of common interests) may be undertaken by the committees, though they may look into other issues and problems as and when directed by senate. Senate has following standing committees:-


The Standing Committees

1. Emergency Committee

a. The Primary aim of the Emergency Committee is to represent the Senate in urgent situations since the Senate meetings cannot be called at a very short notice.
b. The Emergency committee shall consist of the President, Convener of the Senate, one Senator from every undergraduate year/batch, three Senators from Postgraduate students, one Senator from 2-yr. M.Sc. and the Senator/representative from girls Hostel.
c. The President shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the Emergency Committee.
d. In case an emergency arises, the President shall requisition a meeting of the Senate without delay from the Convener of the Senate. If it is possible to convene the meeting of the Senate within the desired time the emergency meeting shall be discussed by the full Senate, otherwise the Emergency Committee shall carry on with the matter till the Senate meets next.
e. Emergency Committee motions shall require the support of at least half of its total strength.

2. Finance Committee

a. The Primary aim of the Finance Committee is to manage the finances of the SKU ENGINEER'S ASSOCIATION, and it shall control and supervise the expenditures incurred by the executive wings of the SKUEA. It shall report to the Senate of Finances and Accounts periodically, as prescribed by the Senate.
b. It shall comprise of three members including its Convener, who shall be elected by the Senate.

3. Steering Committee

a. The Steering Committee shall coordinate and assist the Convener in steering Senate session’s meetings. It shall be responsible for publishing minutes of the Senate sessions/meetings.
b. It shall consist of the Convener of the Senate, who shall be its exofficio Convener, and one BOY Senator and one GIRL Senator.

4. The Rules and Procedure Committee

a. The Rules and Procedures Committee shall be responsible for interpreting and updating the SKUEA Constitution and Rules and Procedures of the Senate as and when required.
b. It shall consist of the Parliamentarian, elected by the Senate from among Senators, and one BOY senator and one GIRL senator.
c. The Parliamentarian shall be the ex-officio Convener of the Rules of Procedures Committee.

5. Nomination Committee

a. The Nominations Committee shall nominate students’ representatives to the various institute bodies. It can call for an explanation, in case the nominee (s) is (are) not found suitable for the assigned task. All its nominations/actions are to be ratified by the Senate.
b. It shall consist of the President, the Convener, one BOY Senator and one GIRL Senator.
c. The President shall be the ex-officio Convener of the Nominations Committee.

6. The Committee of Students for Hostel Affairs (COSHA)

a. The COSHA shall supervise and coordinate matters of common interest to all halls of Residence.
b. It shall consist of the President, the In charge Hostel Affairs, BRANCH Representative's and Mess Secretaries of every Hall of Residence and two Senators as Senate nominees.
c. The In-charge, Hostel Affairs, elected by the senate, shall be the Convener of the COSHA. The meetings of the COSHA shall be chaired by the President.

7. The BTECH Academic Affairs Advisary Committee (BAAC)

a. BAAC shall advise and assist the Senate in all matters concerning the Engineering academic programme.
b. It shall consist of four student members of the Senate, both the student members of each department, two senators Boy & Girl as Senate nominees.The President and Convener Students’ Senate shall be ex-officio members.
c. BAAC shall elect its Convener from among its members.

9. Students’ Placement Council

a. The primary aim of Students’ placement Council is to express the students’ opinion regarding placements and it will act as the students’ central advisory body for the SPO.
b. It shall consist of two placement secretaries, one Convener and one procedural in charge elected from among the members of SPC and one placement coordinator for each category.
c. It shall have its own constitution to follow.

10. Health Center Users Committee

a. The Health Centre Committee shall advise and assist in all matters relating to the Health Centre.
b. It shall comprise of one senator as Senate nominee and the two student nominees to HCUC.
c. The Convener of this committee shall be elected from among these three members.

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