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The SKU ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION is the students' government organization of SKUCET established in MARCH 2011 With Reg.No:81/2011, the club seeks to cultivate qualities of leadership amongst students to foster a corporate life and to advance the general cause of the student body of the Engineering College.

The SKU Engineers Association functions mainly through the Students Senate, an elected representative body and the elected executives. the President, General Secretary of Cultural Council, General Secretary of Science and Technology Council, General Secretary of Games and Sports Council and the General Secretary of Films and Media Council. The Senate lays down the general guideline for the functions of the executives and their associated councils. The Senators elect their own Senate Convener.

The SKUEA has a say in the policy and decision making bodies of the Engineering College. The President and the Convener of the Students Senate are special Invitees to the Engineering College Academic Senate. The President is usually invited to the meetings of the Board of Governors when matters affecting students are being discussed. Nominees of the SKU Engineers Association are also members of the various standing Committees of the Engineering College Senate. All academic departments consisting of members of the faculty and nominees of the SKU ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION.


“For the purpose of
1) Fostering a corporate life based on equality of status and sound moral judgement.
2) Developing all round extra-curricular activities to supplement education.
3)♿ Advancing the general welfare of our fellow students

We, the students of SK UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ANANTAPUR resolve to constitute a self governing democratic organization called SKU ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION and do hereby adopt this Constitution ”

Constitution of SKUEA released in 2012

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